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Update – Analytica International joins with LA-SER
As of November 2011, Analytica International has joined the LA-SER group, furthering our ability to serve the dedicated and highly motivated professionals in the global healthcare industry with innovative intelligence on the economics and outcomes of disease states, drug therapies, medical devices, and biotechnologies. As part of the LA-SER team, we strive to maximize the impact of our work through innovative methodologies, thoughtful, forward-thinking project management, and an integrated approach to long-term strategy development. To learn more, please visit LA-SER.



  • How should I go about understanding the burden of illness to support my product dossier?
  • Which stakeholders in the major European markets should I contact regarding my companion diagnostic?
  • Other than the published literature, what sources should I review to develop value messages for my product?

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  • What is the ideal process for synthesizing findings from the literature into a strategic argument to support my in-licensing recommendation?
  • Would it be more appropriate to program my health economic model in Microsoft Excel® or as stand-alone software?
  • Which statistical method is ideal for creating discrete choice sets for my conjoint analysis?

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  • Our database analysis has generated results that will be of particular interest to physicians and decision-makers; what would be the best and most efficient way to disseminate the results for maximum impact?
  • To what extent can we use a global value dossier to draft local submissions for various country affiliates?
  • What would be the ideal publication strategy to disseminate my research to multiple audiences?

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